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"To foster communication among persons tracing the same Brethren ancestral lines," the following list is submitted links to web pages on family history and related pages on Brethren history and genealogy.
- BARNHART Families - Michael A. Barnhart
- Flora's Genealogy - Eric E. Flora
- FLORY/FLOREY/FLORA Families Of Northampton County, Pennsylvania - Kenneth Florey
- Church of the Brethren Families - Stan Follis
- Pennsylvania Dutch Genealogy - Don Hartman
- Our Family Books - Kathryn G. Mason
- NORRIS - Thomas Liby
- Oregon/Washington District Historical Site - Dennis Roth
- WENGER Genealogy Project - Daniel Wenger
- Brethren Encyclopedia
- Church of the Brethren Network: History & Genealogy
- Palatines to America

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