until Annual Conference convenes in

Grand Rapids, Michigan on July 3, 2024

DeVos Place Convention Center

Conference Center


Annual Conference is the highest legislative body in the Church of the Brethren and composed of term delegates from each congregation, a Standing Committee of delegates representing each of the twenty-four Districts, plus Conference Officers elected by the delegate body. Each annual event is convened in different geographical locations, so as to randomly favor membership traveling from all regions. The heart of the Annual Conference experience is a gracious mixture of serious business, inspirational worship, fellowship with the broader church family, renewal of previous friendships with the expectation of new ones, and the invigorating challenge of new spiritual mission.

AC Badges

Every member of the denomination is encouraged to attend and experience the worship services, make friendships, and express substantive opinions during business sessions, although only elected delegates may vote. Conference also offers many activities such as workshops, insight sessions, agency luncheons, and display booths to educate and interpret their mission. This event is a successful mixing of faith, works, and democracy. It is the Brethren version of the historical town meeting. There are four different agencies that report directly to the delegate body of Annual Conference for approval of their leadership, vision, budgets, and redefinition of bylaws. Registration helps to defray the cost of Annual Conference, and provides you with identification badges that guarantees your entrance past security.

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