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General Board Redesign Steering Committee


by Christopher Bowman
(General Board Chairperson during Redesign)

In early 1995, a sobering financial projection showed we could no longer afford our level of programming. While sensing the urgency of the situation, the Board worked to intentionally build a foundation for further action by seeking and articulating a vision for the Board's mission and ministries. Working under this vision statement, A Redesign Steering Committee was called from July 1995 through October 1996 to gather information from all corners of the denomination, and to develop the initial elements of the new design. The process continues as the Transition Team works to bring the new organizations into existence.

Annual Conference Minutes, 1997, p. 610, ff.

These reports were forwarded to Church of the Brethren Network from the Redesign Steering Committee in 1997 because an official Annual Conference web site did not yet exist. COB-NET had preceded the General Board web site by a few years. The RSC wanted the denomination to have easy access to the results of their efforts and the ability to understand the work involved in this process.