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Historical Notes

Change And Challenge: - A History Of The Church Of The Brethren In The
Southern District Of Pennsylvania 1940-1972 - Elmer Q. Gleim, Triangle
Press, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 387 pages, printer in 1973.

                  List of names associated with the
                     Pleasant Hill Congregation

                         Organized in 1904
                           Pages 246-251
                      Submitted by Ron Gordon

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Raymond Altland
Merle Bievenour
Alton Bucher
Luke Bucher
G. Howard Danner
Steven Fodor
Charles Hartman
Roy Hawbaker
Milton Hershey
Ollie Hevener
Claude Hoover
David Hoover
Nelson Hoover
Paul Hoover
Phillip Hoover
Stewart Jacobs
Jacob Keeney
Earl Krout
Olen Landis
Stuart Lucabaugh
Amos Lehigh
Charles Lehigh
David Lehigh
Samuel Lehigh
Murray Lehman
Harold Martin
Noah Martin
D. Fred Miller
Donald Miller
Edman Miller
Jacob Miller
Henry Miller
Richard Miller
James Myer
Moses Mummert
Paul Mummert
Paul Nell
Donald Newcomer
Martha Newcomer
Paul Newcomer
Michael Olivieri
D. I. People
G. M. Resser
James Sellers
Harry Sellers
Clarence Showalter
Milton Yohe
Robert Yohe

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