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Historical Notes

Change And Challenge: - A History Of The Church Of The Brethren In The
Southern District Of Pennsylvania 1940-1972 - Elmer Q. Gleim, Triangle
Press, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 387 pages, printer in 1973.

                 List of names associated with the
                      Huntsdale Congregation
                         Organized in 1864
                           Pages 202-205
                      Submitted by Ron Gordon

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Paul M. Basehore
Alvin Blough
Kenneth R. Blough
Frank Boldosser
Ralph A. Bream Jr.
John Bucher
Luke H. Buffenmeyer
Jay D. Cannon
Doris Cleaver
Ralph H. Clopper
Samuel Cockley
Eugene Cohick
Kenneth Franklin
Glenn O. Hassinger
Lowell Hassinger
Otho J. Hassinger
Virginia Hassinger
John Leer
George L. Line
E.L. Mellinger
Cletus S. Myers
Bruce Nailer
E.O. Reed
Ralph Richwine
Henry P. Sheller
H.S. Sheaffer
W. Carl Sheaffer
Lanta A. Sholley
Harry Stamey
Sara Swartz
David Thumma
John Thumma
Robert Turner
Willis Whistler
George Widders
Jon A. Williams

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