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Historical Notes

Change And Challenge: - A History Of The Church Of The Brethren In The
Southern District Of Pennsylvania 1940-1972 - Elmer Q. Gleim, Triangle
Press, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 387 pages, printer in 1973.

                 List of names associated with the
                       Hanover Congregation
                         Organized in 1897
                           Pages 199-202
                      Submitted by Ron Gordon

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Leendert Baggerman
Martin Baggerman
D.H. Baker
Edward E. Baugher
Roger L. Forry
J. Vernon Grom
Donald Kauffman
Glenn E. Kinsel
Paul R. Kline
Joseph A. Long
John W. Lowe Jr.
B.F. Masterson
Edward Miller
Jacob E. Myers
Glenn Norris
Lois Norris
Gladys B. Rowland
Ronald H. Rowland
Ruth Shriver
Bruce Stambaugh
Jacob M. Stauffer
John Utz
Barbara Werner
Larry Werner
David Yingling
David S. Young
Levi K. Ziegler

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