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Historical Notes

Change And Challenge: - A History Of The Church Of The Brethren In The
Southern District Of Pennsylvania 1940-1972 - Elmer Q. Gleim, Triangle
Press, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 387 pages, printer in 1973.

                 List of names associated with the
                    Falling Spring Congregation
                         Organized in 1866
                           Pages 190-193
                      Submitted by Ron Gordon

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Jesse Beeler
Jacob Bonebrake
John Brubaker
Donald Clapper
C. Lowell Gearhart
Dean E. Gearhart
Aaron Hartman
John Kell
Wilbur Kline
Jay Knepper
James Laughlin
George Martin
Daniel Myers
S. Omar Nicarry
S.C. Plum
Harvey Senger
Walter Shank
Clyde Shipp
Owen Sipe
Welty G. Smith
Harry Spangler
Jacob Statler
Robert Stenger
Guy Stamy
Harry Stamy
John E. Stouffer
James C. Strite
David Thompson
B. Franklin Wagaman
Paul Wilderson
Kenneth Wildison
Clarence Witmer
Edgar Wolfkill
Albert Zeger

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