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Historical Notes

Change And Challenge: - A History Of The Church Of The Brethren In The
Southern District Of Pennsylvania 1940-1972 - Elmer Q. Gleim, Triangle
Press, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 387 pages, printer in 1973.

                 List of names associated with the
                    Boiling Springs Congregation
         Organized in 1934 from Lower Cumberland Congregation
                           Pages 171-173
                      Submitted by Ron Gordon

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Harry Bixler
William P. Bixler
Herman Carr
Charles C. Carothers
Robert Cocklin
J. Albert Cook
Mary Cool
Wesley Crusey
Ralph Gasswint
W. Grant Group
Otho Hassinger
Andrew Landis
B.F. Lightner
Donald W. Long
Henry Miller
Newton L. Poling
John E. Roland
Clarebce B. Sollenberger
Charles Trimmer
Mervin Trimmer

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