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A History of the German Baptist Brethren - Martin Grove Brumbaugh
Brethren Publishing House, Mount Morris, Illinois, 1899, reprinted 1961.

                    List of Individuals Baptised by 
                   Elder Michael Frantz -- 1739-1747
                        Conestoga Congregation
                       German Baptist Brethren
                             Pages 307-309
                      Submitted by Don Harlacher

The following is a list of individuals baptised by Elder Michael Frantz 
of the Conestoga Congregation located in Lancaster County, PA. between 
@1739-1747. The year of the baptism is reflected at the top of each list 
of names. An asterisk next to a name means that additional information on 
that individual is provided in Brumbaugh's book (pages 307-309).

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Undated but prior to 1739
Hannes Stamply and wife
Bartlesig Christ and wife
Sister Eter
Balser Frantz and wife
Emich Reyer and wife
Hannes Fogely
Philip Roland
Hannes Landis
Hannes Miller and wife
Hannes Longenecker (died 1764)
Christian Stander
Hans George Honig
George Balser Reuter
Anton Dornbach
Emanuel Bralert
Hannes Schmit
Susan Schwartz
George Reyer and wife
Sister Bolinger
Sister Landis
George Adam Martin*
Jack Schweiger (Sweigert[?]) and wife
Hannes Lehr and wife

Paul Sieger and wife
Ludwig Mahler and wife
Michael Pfautz and wife*
Hannes Huber
Jacob Martin and wife
Jacob Schwartz
Henry Mohler
George Mohler*
Sebastin Ruthy* and wife
Hannes Bernard Wolf
Sister Faren
Sister Frantz
Sister Bruderly
Sister Blas (wife of George Blas)
Sister Longenecker
Sister Foglis

Jacob Stucky and wife
Hannes Gehr and wife
Jacob Kissel
George Mohler's wife
Henry Mohler's wife

Frederick Altdorfer and wife
George Schwartz and wife
Christian Stander, Jr.
Joseph Flory
Ulrich Scherck
Henry Dielman and wife
Sister George Hog

Jacob Schautz
Matthes Gish and wife
Brother Dielman, Sr.
Jacob Baer
Ludwig Bender and wife
Henry Weiss
Hannes Adam Schneider and wife
George Hog
Walter Vonderburg
Hannes Lautermilch and wife
Henry Miller
Hannes Mader and wife
Jacob Biderly, wife and two daughters
Jacob Benedig
Jacob Mohler and wife
Sister Schwartz
Sister Judid(?)
Sister Becker
Sister Liechtis (Lichty)

Martin Wetzel
Moritz Muhlhauss and wife
Christoph Geiss
Jacob Conrad and wife
Abraham Wendel and wife
Jacob Mayer
Jacob Lichty
Jacob Sontag*
Jeremias Wolf and wife
Jacob Lascher, wife and daughter
Matthew Sedler
Sister Frana (a widow)
Sister Baer
Sister Lehn (wife of Henry Benedict)
Sister Wolf
Sister Huber (wife of Hannes)
Sister Kalckglasser

May 16, 1744
Anton Miller and wife
Jacob Mohler's wife
_______ Benedict

Jacob Dielman's wife
Ernst Stoll's daughter
Maria Landis
Catharina Schwartz
6 brethren and 6 sisters from Amwell, N.J. joined the congregation

March 23, 1746
Henry Kufer's wife
Maria Koch
Catharine Koch
Maria Frantz
Jacob Spanhauer and wife
Catharine Lehman
Sister Christin's servant girl
Sister Neuschwanger
George Beashor
Sister Benedict
Brother Matinisz and wife from the Skippack

Peter Zug
Joseph Krebiel and wife
Anna Baer
Hannes Flory and wife
Henry Ent and wife
Joseph Flory's wife
Hannes Marckel and wife
Sister Waglis
Jacob Diel and wife
Hannes Landis
Henry Mohler
Christoph Westenberger and wife
Sister Beashor (Boshor)

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