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Historical Notes

A History of the German Baptist Brethren - Martin Grove Brumbaugh
Brethren Publishing House, Mount Morris, Illinois, 1899, reprinted 1961.

                      List of the members of the 
                  Little Swatara Congregation - 1770
                       German Baptist Brethren
                               Page 320
                      Submitted by Don Harlacher

As early as 1770, there were 45 active communicants of the Little Swatara

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Peter Heckman, minister, and wife
John Heckman and wife
Michael Frantz and wife
Nicholas Gerst and wife
Jacob Moyer and wife
George Beasher
David Marge and wife
Simon Merrich and wife
John Frantz and wife
Christian Frantz and wife
Rose Schnables
Jacob Smith and wife
Eliza Kentzel
Adam Henrich
Mrs. Cryder
Philip Zeigler and wife
Jacob Breneisen and wife
David Kleine and wife
Widow Benedict
Elizabeth Benedict
Sophy Kish
Leonard Sebalt and wife
John Grove
Jacob Baker and wife
Jacob Deal and wife
Hans Stohner and wife
Jacob Beashor and wife

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