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Historical Notes

A History of the German Baptist Brethren - Martin Grove Brumbaugh
Brethren Publishing House, Mount Morris, Illinois, 1899, reprinted 1961.

                      List of the members of the 
                    Conewago Congregation - 1770
                       German Baptist Brethren
                               Page 327
                      Submitted by Don Harlacher

In 1770, seventy-seven members were in communion at the Conewago

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George Brown, minister, and wife
Peter Werds
John Heimer and wife
Peter Fox and wife
Anthony Dierdorff and wife
John Dierdorff and wife
Nicholas Moyer and wife
Manass Bruch and wife
Michael Basserman and wife
David Erhard and wife
Ann Mummard
Daniel Baker and wife
Abraham Stauffer and wife
Henry Dierdorff and wife
John Burckholter and wife
Christian Frey
Andrew Trimmer and wife
Ustace Reinsel and wife
Samuel Arnold
Peter Dierdorff and wife
Barnet Achenbach and wife
Mary Latzcho
Catherine Studebaker
John Neagley and wife
Michael Brissel and wife
Velten Brissel and wife
Mathias Bouser and wife and daughter
Laurence Bakener and wife
Nicholas Bakener
Philip Snell and wife
Nicholas Bakener, jun. and wife
Adam Sower and wife and two daughters
Adam Dick and wife
Marilias Baker
Henry Brissel and wife
David Brissel and wife
Sarah Brissel
Henry Randibush and wife
George Waggoner and wife
Jacob Miller
Mrs. Martsh
Rudolph Brown
George Reeson and wife

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