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Historical Notes

A History of the German Baptist Brethren - Martin Grove Brumbaugh
Brethren Publishing House, Mount Morris, Illinois, 1899, reprinted 1961.

                      List of the members of the 
                   Great Swatara Congregation - 1770
                       German Baptist Brethren
                           Pages 319-320
                      Submitted by Don Harlacher

In 1770, the Great Swatara or East Conewago Congregation had 
thirty-five members:

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George Miller, minister, and wife and daughter
Adam Hammaker, minister, and wife and daughter
Peter Ertzstone and wife
Philip Roemer and wife
John Buck and wife
John Eter and wife
Jacob Metzgar and wife
Henry Thomas and wife
Christopher Brauser and wife
Margaret Thomas
Philip Reicker and wife
Peter Bersh and wife
Henry Stohner and wife
Wendel Merich and wife
Frederick Hess and wife
Jacob Eter and wife
George Balshbach and wife
George Henry and wife
Barbara Henry
Freny Cass

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