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I wrestled with the Lord in prayer;
All day all night, I wrestled there;
And then as morning streaked the sky,
The Lord bent low and made reply:

"This thing you've asked, dear child, of Me
Is there for eyes of faith to see;
The eyes of flesh will not believe
What eyes of spirit can perceive.
Reach out and take it, child of Mine;
This thing you've prayed for, It is thine."

And sure enough, my lifted gaze
Beheld the heavens all ablaze;
The newborn sun it's glow unfurled
Across a breathless, waiting world.

I could not yet the answer see,
But in the very depths of me
A gentle "knowing" took control,
And peace embraced my quivering soul.

That's why today each time I pray,
I know the answer's on the way.
I do not place undying trust
In what I see with eyes of dust;
Thank God for eyes of faith, He cares!
And still is busy answering prayers.

~ Author Unknown ~ 

“For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and ‘counteth the cost’
whether he have sufficient to finish it?”
Luke 14:28

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