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Caesar's Checkers: Expert

Caesar played a mean game with the citizens of Israel. Rome wanted to control their every move. His checker game works the same way. Caesar doesn't want you to win. He is challenging anyone to this area of combat. But you can win with the right moves, concentration, and strategy. Don't let him get ahead early because he won't give you much of an opportunity to catch up. You are RED like he blood of Christ. Caesar is Gray like the evil of this world. You begin by clicking on any Red piece that you want to move. After that square turns yellow, click on the square where you want it to be moved. In the case of a double jump, you need to click on both squares - not just the final one. Procedures are the same as the conventional game of Checkers. Skill level is Expert. May fortune be with you. See note below.

Julius Casesar Augustus Casesar