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3 our Children:
L et's O vercome V iolence through E ducation, E mpathy, and E mpowerment!

A Non-Exhaustive Annotated List of Resources and Organizations compiled Spring 2001 by Linda K. Williams (updated 08-16-01)
Concerned mother, teacher, curriculum and song writer activist youth leader (San Diego 1st Church of the Brethren), and peace activist
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Does Media Matter?

¿Influyen los Medios de Comunicación?

Lt. Col. David Grossman - Trained To Kill,  Printer friendly

Lt. Col. David Grossman - Capacitando Para Matar

Violence In The Media

Violencia En Los Medios

Ask yourself these important questions before you purchase a toy!
    What Will Your Children Learn From Their Toys?  Toy 1,  Toy 2

¡Hágase estas preguntas importantes antes de comprar un juguete!
    ¿Que Aprenderan Sus Hijos De Sus Juguetes?  Toy 1,  Toy 2

Resources and Organizations

ANGERESOURCES: On this website (click on Tools/Resources), many valuable downloadable resources are offered to help deal constructively with anger, e.g., an Anger Pre-Test, an Anger Index, a number of Articles and Essays including Protecting Yourself From Road Rage, Time-Outs: They're Not Just For Kids, Think About TRIGGERS, Eight Types of Anger, 21 Skills For Raising Empowered Children. Numerous books and videos are listed, also, including "Raising Nonviolent Children in a Violent World," "Healing Our Anger," and "From Stalemate to Soulmate." In addition, Workshops are offered on Raising Nonviolent Children, Raising Empathetic Sons and Assertive Daughters, From Shame and Control to Healthy Masculinity; also, Men's and boys' support groups.
  CONTACT: Dr. Michael Obsatz at (651) 645-1632
WEBSITE: www.angeresources.com, E-MAIL: obsatz@macalester.edu

BANG, BANG, YOU'RE DEAD Inspired by a real-life high school shooting tragedy, this VERY powerful, moving drama (40 min., total) delivers a passionate testament to nonviolence. The playwright is making the script available to all, for free (read and follow the conditions on the website), and the play requires only minimal props and costumes. A follow-up discussion is crucial. For example, in San Diego County, Nonviolent Communication facilitators (see below) re-enacted 2 of the scenes in improvised roleplays with the actors, demonstrating how effective listening and empathy could have helped things turn out much differently. The playwright hopes that by performing the play, a potential violent act might be stopped before it's too late. In fact, in a San Diego Union Tribune article written on May 25th 2000, the playwright states, "It would have failed if the play hadn't touched the kids, but it has. The point is when a kid commits an act of extreme violence, he hasn't crossed one line, he has crossed a thousand lines. We need to reach the kids as they are crossing those lines, before they reach the final one." Mastrosimone said nine students who saw his play have contacted him in the past year, thanking him for helping them to control violent urges.

  WEBSITE: www.bangbangyouredead.com

BULLYPROOF a program being developed by Future WAVE (Working for Alternatives to Violence through Entertainment). WAVE is a non-profit organization which has conducted innovative violence-prevention programs in schools and detention centers in Albuquerque and Santa Fe to empower youth with violence-prevention tools. From their website: "If violence is a learned behavior---learned partly through the entertainment media-- then alternatives to violence can also be learned best through entertainment.... Story-telling, Puppet Shows, a Teen "Rap 'N' Roll" opera , and more, help teach a better way than violence to kids . " The programs feature ten animal characters, spelling out the acronym BULLYPROOF: Brave Bust-out Bear, Understanding Unicorn, Listening Lynx, Loving Lion, Yin Yang Yak, Picturing Porpoise, Respectful Raven, Overcoming Octopus, Originating Orangutan and Fearless Fox. WAVE is seeking partners to help develop the characters into children's TV shows and movies.

  WEBSITE: www.bullyproof.org, E-MAIL: info@bullyproof.org

CENTER FOR MEDIA LITERACY Based in Los Angeles, CML serves as the national clearinghouse for the most recommended books, videos and curriculum resources for media literacy education, including the acclaimed 5-part, video-based curriculum — Beyond Blame: Challenging Violence in the Media. A quote from their website: "The never-ending debate about media violence has been fueled by one unanswerable question ‘Does watching violence cause someone to become violent?’ The reason we've gotten nowhere on this issue for 40 years is because this is the wrong question to ask about violence in the media. The real question should be ‘What is the long-term impact on our national psyche when millions of children, in their formative years, grow up decade after decade bombarded with very powerful visual and verbal messages demonstrating violence as the preferred way to solve problems and normalizing fear and violence as 'the way things are'?" Their “Violence in the Media” section can be reached via www.medialit.org/Violence/indexviol.htm, and www.medialit.org/Violence/linksviol.htm leads people to their “Links to Other Sites and to Research on Violence on the Media and related media education topics.”

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.medialit.org (also, see above), e-mail: cml@medialit.org
PHONE: (323) 931-4177, Customer service, (800) 226-9494, Ext. 10, FAX: (323) 931-4474
4727 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 403, Los Angeles, CA 90010

CHILDREN'S CREATIVE RESPONSE TO CONFLICT They provide workshops, have a great newsletter full of ideas and resources, and a wonderful peace songbook, too. A current project involves teaching conflict resolution through children’s literature and literacy instruction.

  CONTACT: e-mail: ccrcnyack@aol.com, PHONE: (845) 353-1796
Priscilla Prutzman, Exec. Dir., Box 271, 521 N. Broadway, Nyack, NY 10960

             Brethren Witness Office Many resources are available! David Radcliff is a dynamic speaker on many topics related to becoming instruments of God's peace. His office has many printed resources available, such as Newsletter, the Pledge, "When the Call Comes" (a great flier), and the Peace Booklet. There are play scripts available, and the 1991 Study Guide on Peacemaking is loaded with information, Biblical references, and Recommendations for Actions for individuals and congregations to take---all of which provide great "food for thought."

  CONTACT: toll-free 800-323-8039, e-mail: witness_GB@Brethren.Org
             Brethren Press "Lessons from Littleton" is a powerful video of Lt. Col. David Grossman and his work with in the Littleton, CO Prince of Peace Church of the Brethren after the school shooting there. A secular version of this video will soon be available to be used in public schools! The video is a part of the "In our Midst Packet: Children and Violence," but can also be ordered separately. Other resources include Peace Works and Young Peacemakers' Project Book.
  CONTACT: WEBSITES: www.brethrenpress.com and www.brethren.org/genbd/BP/index.htm, toll-free 800-441-3712
             Provides workshops and educational retreats for youth and adults focusing on conflict transformation, peacemaker formation, and peace witness; offers Peace Baskets, containing resources, stories, and games that promote peace and peacemaking activism for different ages, which are loaned on a monthly basis.
  CONTACT: e-mail: oepa_oepa@brethren.org, PHONE: (410) 635-8704 (also through the www.brethren.org website)
             Church of the Brethren Washington Office Provides ongoing information on issues and upcoming legislation pertaining to violence on many levels, so that we can contact our elected officials in a timely fashion.
  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.brethren.org/genbd/washofc, E-MAIL: Washofc@aol.com
PHONE: (202) 546-3202, FAX: (202) 544-5852
337 N. Carolina Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003

COOL-N0-VIOLENCE PEACE PROJECT: This is a campaign started by 12 year old Danielle Shimotakahara on the day of the Columbine massacre. Danielle started a petition that asked businesses to voluntarily remove violent video games from places where young children " hang out." She felt that violent video games that blew people and children to pieces, chopped up bodies and splattered blood on screens were a bad influence on young children and she wanted to do something to protect young children from this exposure. She spoke to city councils, church conferences, schools, medical and mental health professionals, service clubs, at the Million Mom March in Portland, Oregon, wrote letters to lawmakers, and testified at hearings both in Washington, D.C. and at the Oregon Legislature. Many businesses removed their violent video games and two cities passed Resolutions. The Global Methodist Church, representing 26 million members passed a Resolution that she submitted to them. The state of Oregon passed HJR 21 based on her efforts. Danielle, with the help of the Southwestern Oregon Medical Society Alliance will be distributing this Resolution to all mayors of all of the cities in Oregon over the next year. The resolution can be found at www.leg.state.or.us/01reg/measures/hjr1.dir/hjr0021.en.html. The American Medical Association Alliance has a number of pages that outline steps taken by the Cool-No-Violence Peace Project to achieve success. That information can be found at www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/category/2714.html.

Cool-No-Violence Peace Project
2289 Meade Avenue
North Bend, Oregon 97459

COYOTE YOUTH PROJECT A member of the Coalition to Prevent Youth Violence in San Diego, the COYOTE YOUTH PROJECT has developed alternative intervention and prevention outdoor programs for teens in conjunction with Juvenile Court schools. The Project is a positive and effective strategy for youth participants (especially at-risk youth) to get "reconnected," to reach their full potential, and also to be a positive influence to the community. When parents participate with their teen, amazing bonding can result. The Project was designed to provide a comprehensive method for the students to increase self-esteem, promote their academic achievement, create a sense of stewardship for the earth, and includes 1) Wilderness Training (which students attend with their parents), 2) Academic (EIC) Learning (in conjunction with high school teachers) and 3) and a Community Service Action Project. Currently operating in San Diego County only, a dream for the future is to expand the program to other areas. The Director, who has a lot of positive energy and passion for her work with teens, is also available for speaking engagements.

  CONTACT: Susan Conniry, Project Director, PHONE: (619) 443-2399
WEBSITE: www.backyardtourist.com, E-MAIL: Susan.Conniry@gcccd.net
12061 Wildcat Canyon Rd., Lakeside CA 92040.

DIFFERENCE MAKERS INTERNATIONAL ...Breaking the Link Between Bullies & Bullets Difference Makers International has an upbeat, proactive answer to verbal violence. Founder Helice "Sparky" Bridges has taught a simple three-step "Who I Am Makes A Difference" Blue Ribbon process since 1979 that has transformed the lives of over 21 million children and adults and has been translated into 12 languages. This process is reported to reduce crime and violence, drug and alcohol abuse, child and spousal abuse, teen suicide and the pain of kids tormented by verbal violence. A growing number of elementary and middle schools nationwide are adopting this unique program that is helping to put an end to an alarming trend that has already infected the nation's high schools, that of kids tormented so badly by their peers that their quiet suffering erupts into gunfire and death.

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.blueribbons.com, E-MAIL: ablueribbn@aol.com
Founder Helice "Sparky" Bridges PHONE: 1-800-887-8422, 760-634-1851, FAX: 760-634-2746

DISCOVERY CHANNEL'S YOUTH VIOLENCE PREVENTION RESOURCES This awesome and annotated list of resources provides access to websites for the following1. Centers for Disease Control Youth Risk Behavior Trends, 2. Diverting Children from a Life of Crime, 3. Keep Schools Safe, 4. National Crime Prevention Council, 5. National Funding Collaborative on Violence Prevention, 6. National School Safety Center, 7. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, 8. PreventViolence.org, 9. Students Against Violence Everywhere (this last one led to www.ncsu.edu/cpsv/index.html, "Center for the Prevention of School Violence"!)

  CONTACT: www.discovery.com/stories/history/hateviolence/youthfindhelp.html

EDUCATORS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY From their website: "In the wake of another schoolhouse shooting (this time in Santee, CA), here are some suggestions about how can we talk with young people about violent events." The article by Linda Lantieri, "When Will We Ever Learn?," emphasizes that, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of metal detectors." The article can be viewed on their website. ESR is recognized for their, "prominent role in social and emotional learning, character education, conflict resolution, violence prevention, and intergroup relations. ESR offers comprehensive programs, curricula, resources, and training for adults who teach children at every developmental level, preschool through high school." Their largest project, the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program, a comprehensive approach to creating schools characterized by caring communities which challenge all to succeed, is being implemented in 400 schools across the country.

  WEBSITE: www.esrnational.org, E-MAIL: educators@esrnational.org,
PHONE: 617-492-1764 or toll-free 800-370-2515, FAX: 617-864-5164
23 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

FELLOWSHIP OF RECONCILIATION A long-standing peace organization with an international scope, the FOR offers a wonderful magazine full of examples of concrete actions, plus numerous resources and networking possibilities. They've also been active in promoting the Decade of Nonviolence proposed by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, and ratified by the United Nations; a book of suggestions for actions for the Decade is available. Also, check out their Peacemaker Training Institute: Developing Youth Leadership for Peace and Justice.

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.forusa.org, E-MAIL: for@forusa.org
PHONE: (845) 358-4601; FAX: (845) 358-4924, P.O. Box 271, Nyack, NY 10960

The GAMES PROJECT As their website states, "The Games Project is coordinated by a group of Christian volunteers who care about peace, young people and computers. The Project arises out of our concern that the majority of computer games played by children and youth today are those which are violent and which portray women and minorities in demeaning and stereotypical ways. We believe that the playing of these games desensitizes young people to the violence in our world, teaches them unhealthy ways of dealing with conflict, fosters negative attitudes toward minorities and women, and may contribute to aggressive behavior. We hope, that by providing a way of evaluating games and making that information available to the public, we can discourage violent game use and promote the use of non-violent life-affirming games."

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.gamesproject.org , E-MAIL: info@gamesproject.org,
PHONE: (519) 745-8458, FAX: (519) 745-0064,
Mennonite Central Committee, 50 Kent Ave., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2G 3R1

GROSSMAN, LT. COL. DAVID Though he used to train our nation's youth to kill (via the military), David is now a dynamic speaker who works passionately to raise our country's consciousness about the dangers of violence in the media, especially the "murder simulator" games that millions of children and youth play addictively. He has co-authored Stop Teaching our Kids to Kill and authored the Pulitzer-nominated book, On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society. A request to be put on his e-mail list will provide you with a wealth of updates about proposed legislation pertaining to media violence that could use public support, plus numerous examples of proof that the causal link between violence in the media and violence in our society is even stronger than the link between tobacco and cancer. (Yes, he's got the data to prove it!)

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.killology.com; also, recommended by Grossman: www.bluecorncomics.com/grossman.htm provides a wealth of info in "The Evidence Against Media Violence", and a powerful article by pediatricians on Media Violence is found at cp.pdr.net/cp/public.htm?path=content/journals/k/data/2001/0501/videogames.html#a3

INTERACTIONS FOR PEACE This non-profit corporation has empowered individuals since 1989 with the skills needed to create non-violent school communities. Interactions for Peace provides a seamless system of integrated programs which empower and inspire our youth to discover the peacemaker within themselves and to serve their community through peaceful interactions. Interactions for Peace empowers individuals of all ages with the strategies and skills necessary to build a strong foundation for peaceful interactions: Self-awareness and worth; Cooperation; Communication; Conflict Resolution; Parent and Community Connections. The Interactions for Peace Programs include: + Primary Peacemakers (Pre-school - Gr. 2), + Peace Patrol (Gr's. 3-6), + Middle School Mediators and also + Peer Listeners (Gr'.s 6-8), + Bully Prevention (Gr'.s K-8).

  CONTACT: E-MAIL: steele4@home.com,
PHONE: (619) 421-5046, Eden Steele, Founder and Exec. Dir.,
1551 Malibu Point Court, Chula Vista, CA 91911

KFMB/CHANNEL 8 (in San Diego) / "18 Ways You Can Stop the Violence" This local TV station has been working with our Safe Schools Unit in San Diego County; they have produced an awesome list of "18 Ways You Can Stop the Violence" which is available on their website. Each of the 18 tips has action suggestions for Students, for Parents, and for Schools, and there are many ideas under each of those headings. Also, many additional resources (some local to San Diego) and websites are offered on their website. What a great public service!

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.kfmb.com/community/school_violence/index.shtml

The LION & LAMB PROJECT The mission of this activist, national grassroots organization is "to stop the marketing of violence to children...by helping parents, industry and government officials recognize that violence is not child's play -- and by galvanizing concerned adults to take action." They state, "We believe that attitudes about violence as 'entertainment' can be changed over time. Just as attitudes about drunk driving and smoking have changed, we believe that Lion & Lamb can help forge a national consensus that violence is not child's play. Just as it has become 'uncool' to pollute and to litter, we are working to change the tolerance level for violence as a 'cool' theme for toys and other entertainment products for children." They offer a Parent Action Kit, parenting workshops, a newsletter, annual lists of "Dirty Dozen" violent toys and "Top Twenty" creative nonviolent toys, a manual for organizing Violent Toy Trade-Ins in communities across the country, and more.

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.lionlamb.org, E-MAIL: lionlamb@lionlamb.org
PHONE: (301) 654-3091, FAX: 301-654-2394
4300 Montgomery Avenue - Suite 104, Bethesda, Maryland 20814

M.K. GANDHI INSTITUTE FOR NONVIOLENCE The Institute, founded by Arun Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi's grandson) and his wife Sunanda, was established to promote and teach the philosophy and practice of nonviolence to help reduce the violence that consumes our hearts, our homes, and our societies. One of the Institute's on-going efforts which targets youth is "PeaceQuest," an annual two day youth summit to introduce teens to Gandhi’s principles of nonviolence as the avenue to identify and change their own violent thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and actions. It includes experiential workshops on teen violence issues. At "PeaceQuest," Arun Gandhi meets with hundreds of youth from throughout America. Other Institute activities involving youth violence were found at WWW.GANDHIINSTITUTE.ORG/prononvschool.html, and www.discovery.com/stories/history/hateviolence/tunein.html#evil

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.gandhiinstitute.org, E-MAIL: questions@gandhiinstitute.org
PHONE: 901-452-2824 FAX: 901-452-2775

MOTHERS AGAINST VIOLENCE IN AMERICA This organization's website offers a free pamphlet (to be downloaded, or free copies ordered by phone), entitled "WHAT GAMES DO YOUR CHILDREN PLAY?: BECOME A VIDEO SMART PARENT." The pamphlet was put our by the Washington State Department of Health, and includes tips for parents, including tips on restricting access to games, as well as an extensive listing of other resources. A program of MAVIA is SAVE, open to all students who want to change attitudes and behaviors which contribute to violence. SAVE empowers students to create their own solutions and strategies for safer schools and communities.

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.mavia.org, E-MAIL: maviausa@aol.com
PHONE: 360-753-6820, 800.897.7697 / 206.323.2303 FAX: 206.323.2132
MAVIA and SAVE, 105 14th Avenue, Suite 2A, Seattle, WA 98122

NATIONAL COALITION ON TELEVISION VIOLENCE In addition to an article, "How communities can take action to prevent Gun Violence" their website also offers: Community Action, Conflict Resolution, Countermeasures, FCC / Rating System, Ideas for Action, Important Addresses, Letters (Examples), Organizations, "Parental Guidelines," Resources, TV Ratings, Toy Buying Guide, V-Chip Q&A. Their "Overview" section includes well-thought-out responses to arguments such as "I grew up watching violent stuff and I turned out OK, so what's the problem?", "Television doesn't affect my behavior." "Television doesn't make anybody violent." For example, the last one is answered with "Maybe not, but it does help justify punching a wife, hitting a kid, kicking a dog -- or accepting being beaten as 'normal.'" Great food for thought!

  CONTACT: www.nctvv.org/NCTV%20Images/Contents.html, E-MAIL: nctvmd@aol.com
5132 Newport Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20816

NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON MEDIA AND THE FAMILY This is a national resource for teachers, parents, community leaders and other caring adults who are interested in the influence of electronic media on early childhood education, child development, academic performance, culture and violence. One of the most helpful features is KIDSCORE, an innovative content_based rating system that evaluates video and computer games, movies and television from a family_friendly perspective.

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.mediafamily.org, E-MAIL: information@mediafamily.org
PHONE: (toll-free) 888-672-5437
Dr. David Walsh, Ph.D., 606 24th Ave. S., Ste. 606, Minneapolis, MN 55454

NATIONAL PEACE FOUNDATION From their Year-End Report to Members (2000) CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND VIOLENCE REDUCTION: “We continue to offer special assistance to schools around the country which have urgent needs to begin or continue conflict resolution programs. We are still able to offer scholarships to teachers who want to take special courses in conflict resolution to acquire related skills. Since 1992 we have helped many hundreds of children and youth learn the concepts and the life skills of conflict resolution.”

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.nationalpeace.org, E-MAIL: ntlpeace@aol.com
PHONE: 1-800-23PEACE, 202-223-1770, FAX: 202-223-1718
1819 H Street, NW, Suite 1200, Washington, DC 20006

NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION (AKA "Compassionate Communication," "Giraffe Talk") "Compassionate Communication," Language of the Heart , and "Giraffe Talk") Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D., founder and Director of Educational Services, has over the past 35 years, developed a worldwide network of over 100 trainers who serve as a valuable resource for peacefully resolving differences at the political, professional, and personal levels in 30 countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. A dynamic process of communication which takes "I messages" light-years further! Nonviolent Communication Offers Skills that: +Improve communication in ways that increase goodwill and cooperation, +Set personal boundaries and encourage self discipline, +Create a safe & supportive environments, +Motivate compassionately, from your intrinsic desire to serve life, +Foster democratic values, tolerance, harmony, and teamwork, +Resolve conflicts in ways that increase trust and mutual understanding, +Evaluate performance in ways that promote growth and learning.

  CENTER FOR NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION (International Office): Maria Mankien
2424 Foothill Blvd., Suite E, La Crescenta, CA 91214
PHONE: 903-893-3886 FAX: 903-893-2935 Materials Order #: 800-255-7696
E-MAIL: cnvc@compuserve.com WEBSITE: www.cnvc.org
INTERACTIVE NVC E-MAIL GROUP: synergycommunication-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
SAN DIEGO NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION: "Please contact us to see which of our many programs will meet your specific needs." Coordinator: Neill Gibson, PHONE: 858-573-0810 FAX: 858-278-2649 E-MAIL: sdnvcact@hotmail.com
E-MAIL NEWSLETTER: sdnvc-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

ONE WORLD, OUR WORLD (tm) (1WOWTM) This School Program has been created by returned Peace Corps Volunteers and Educators. From their website: "Schools and families everywhere are deeply concerned with the violence which has affected even the youngest of children... Prevention is much preferred to post-incident intervention." The presenter states, "1WOW school program is a 1-Day event that teaches Leadership, Tolerance and Peace Building skills. It helps schools by amplifying the impact of your existing programs for improving student citizenship and peace. Surveys taken pre and post the event give evidence to program effectiveness, as does its track record: a decade of presentations to over 150,000 students across 25 states and at national and state teacher conferences. The 1WOW program uses the natural curiosity and social drives of youth to a) involve them in a multi-media assembly presentation, and then b) reason with them classroom-by-classroom to set up a healthy understanding of relationships. Isn't it worth two hours of student time as presented every two years to help your students learn the skills and need for Peace?"

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.1wow.org, E-MAIL: info@1wow.org
PHONE: 800-910-KIDS (800-910-5437)

PARENTING FOR PEACE & JUSTICE NETWORK/ FAMILIES AGAINST VIOLENCE ADVOCACY NETWORK/ INSTITUTE FOR PEACE & JUSTICE This dynamic organization offers workshops, a newsletter filled with specific ideas for positive action (plus other resources), and MANY great books and printed resources for parents and teachers of young ones of all ages. Their Pledge of Nonviolence (Summary: *Respect self and others, *Communicate better, *Listen, *Forgive, *Respect Nature, *Play creatively, *Act courageously) has been translated into many languages, and they offer several packages of support resources for the Pledge (both secular and religious, including Spanish!), and a Teens Acting for Peace/ Lesson Plan Resource Book (Fall, 2001)

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.ipj-ppj.org, E-MAIL: PPJN@aol.com
PHONE: 314-533-4445, FAX: (314) 533-1017

PAX: REAL SOLUTIONS TO GUN VIOLENCE PAX's mission is to "bring an end to the gun violence epidemic in America---an epidemic that kills 10 children every day. Through innovative public health campaigns, PAX promotes practical, non-political solutions that all Americans can embrace-- solutions that help to protect our families and children and work immediately to save lives." They offer some wonderful programs and resources, including a punk rock benefit compilation CD dedicated to the vision of a society free of gun violence (disarmingviolence.com), an A.S.K. (Asking Saves Kids) Parents' Help Kit (can be downloaded from their website; to request a brochure, contact below), the TELL campaign for students, and numerous links to articles and other great related websites, including www.treas.gov/usss/ntac.htm. The ASK campaign is based on the fact that over 40% of homes with children have a gun, and the TELL campaign on the fact that in 3 out of every 4 mass school shootings, the shooter tells friends about his plan.

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.paxusa.org, E-MAIL: staff@paxusa.org
PHONE: 212-983-8705, 801 Second Avenue, Suite 1400 New York, NY 10017

PEACE RESOURCE CENTER OF SAN DIEGO (Please note: for those of you in other parts of the country, you may have a local Peace Resource Center, too; however, our PRC does make resources available to interested people outside of San Diego.) The Children and Nonviolence Committee has produced a number of consciousness-raising handouts (most of which are available in both Spanish and English) which provide great "food for thought" to parents and teachers; e.g., Values through Toys, Is Your Child's Halloween Costume too Violent?, Turn TV Off/ Turn Fun On, Do Video Games Hurt Children?, etc.)

  CONTACT: E-MAIL: prcsandiego@igc.org
PHONE: (619) 263-9301, 3850 Westgate Place, San Diego, CA 92105

PRO-ED, INC. I hesitated to include this, since I didn't want to appear self-serving; they publish Caring and Capable Kids, the book and cassette I co-authored after my husband's grandmother was murdered. However, I do want to spread the good word about the multitude of resources they offer---activity-driven materials for counselors, teachers and caregivers that help children develop their social, emotional, ethical and moral skills. This company specializes in "helping you with the tough stuff" such as bullies and cliques, anger and conflict management, peer mediation/ "Peace Patrol," drug education, and other topics directly related to creating a culture of peace.

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.ProEdInc.com, E-MAIL: info@proedinc.com,
PHONE: toll-free 800-897-3202, FAX: 800-397-7633,
8700 Shoal Creek Boulevard, Austin, TX 78757-6897


RIBBON OF PROMISE NATIONAL CAMPAIGN TO END SCHOOL VIOLENCE Established the day after the school shooting in Springfield, Oregon, this organization states: "We will unite the nation in an effort to end school violence by acting as a resource for communication, education, planning and action....WE BELIEVE: Together, we can end school violence. WE WILL: + Overcome denial by admitting: "It can happen anywhere." + Overcome confusion by affirming: "We will identify the underlying problems." + Overcome apathy by declaring: "We will do something to help." + Overcome fear by promising: "We will have the courage to act." + Overcome School Violence by agreeing: "Together, we will end it." They offer a number of avenues for action, including "By Kids 4 Kids, Parent Advocates for Safe Schools, and an educational video. Their webpage www.ribbonofpromise.org/research.html offers a list of 62 related websites!

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.ribbonofpromise.org, E-MAIL: info@ribbonofpromise.org
PHONE: 541-726-0512, FAX: 541-726-0393, 150 7th St., Springfield, OR 97477

The SAN DIEGO COALITION TO PREVENT YOUTH VIOLENCE (at the Jenna Druck Foundation) The Coalition to Prevent Youth Violence began as a grass_roots group of over 25 distinguished "community partners" seeking to provide an open forum for dialogue and collaboration, working together to prevent youth violence and promote peace. CPYV is now helping catalyze and coordinate youth violence prevention initiatives that best insure high_quality programs in our schools and communities. CPYV is developing strategies that increase public awareness and the allocation of resources to youth violence prevention. CURRENT PROJECTS Youth violence prevention projects being developed by CPYV include1. A Public Awareness Campaign, "Preventing Youth Violence." 2. A "Peacemakers Village" at 10 Leadership Day, July 14, 2001, 3. The formation of "Prevention Partnerships" 4. A "Violence Prevention Hotline" 5. A "Violence Prevention Resource Directory." For information or to become a "Community Partner"...

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.jennadruck.org/new_page_9.htm, E-MAIL: JDFound@aol.com,
PHONE: (619) 294-8000 FAX: (619) 294-8889,
3636 Fifth Ave., Suite 201, San Diego, CA 92103

SAN DIEGO MEDIATION CENTER (SDMC) is a private non profit that has been helping the communities of San Diego resolve conflict for over 16 years. They state, "We have grown substantially and have expanded our services to include the entire County of San Diego. While we have also expanded our services to include mediation in such diverse fields as real estate, employment, probate, divorce, parent/teen and many others, we have always led the way in community mediations, helping neighbors, families and businesses co-exist and deal with the day to day conflicts which are inevitable in the daily activities in which we all participate. Mediation is a process where people solve conflicts with the help of a trained, neutral mediator. For further information for a similar Center in your area, or to arrange a mediation call San Diego Mediation Center.

  CONTACT: PHONE: Downtown (619)238-2400, Central (619)266-7223
East County (619) 593-4530, South Bay (619) 424-2333, FAX: 619-238-8041
E-MAIL: sdmc@mediate.com

SEASON FOR NON-VIOLENCE Gandhi and King Season for Nonviolence is an educational and media campaign running January 30 through April 4 where programs and events are created in communities and cities throughout the country and world, that bring attention to the philosophy of attaining peace through nonviolent action as demonstrated by Mahatma Gandhi and Civil Rights Leader, Martin Luther King, Jr. Their website offers 64 things that we can do for peace, as well as helping to network thousands of individuals and groups around the country.

  CONTACT: National coordinator Sydney Salt's e-mail: soulvoice@email.msn.com
WEBSITE: National = www.agnt.org (click on Current Projects, then on Season...)
Los Angeles = www.nonviolenceworks.com
Ventura = www.seasonfornonviolenceventura.org
Denver = www.seasonnv-rma.org

SOUPer SAFE SCHOOLS CURRICULUM The Chicken Soup for the Soup people are certainly doing their part to end youth violence! Their website offers free Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul (Registered Trademark) Samplers, and a five-lesson curriculum to use with the stories in the Sampler to help students and teachers to "understand five key issues that can lead to school violence and how the students can help prevent violence with positive thoughts and actions" The five key issues are 1) Lack of awareness of other's need for help; self-absorption, 2) Lack of respect and/or belittling others who are "different.", 3) Low self-esteem; lack of positive forms of communication, 4) Peer pressure vs. appropriate action in the face of a perceived threat, and 5) A sense of entitlement without responsibility; apathy. Their website also leads browsers to some other dynamite organizations, such as Center for the Prevention of School Violence, SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere), WAVE (Working Against Violence Everywhere), School Resource Officer Web Forum, and School Violence Prevention Web Forum.

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.chickensoup.com/Pre-Teen/preteen_index.html (click on the sampler request, print out the free curriculum, and get into the other connected websites by clicking on the SAVE icon at the bottom, and then the rectangle at the bottom which says "School Violence: Let's get it out of our system")

TARIQ KHAMISA FOUNDATION (TKF): This is a non-profit organization whose mission is to stop children from killing children by breaking the escalating cycle of youth violence and planting seeds of hope for our children's future. TKF is dedicated to making a substantial impact in the incident of youth violence and gang recruitment first in San Diego County, and then across the nation. TKF was formed in 1995 in response to a tragic incident in which 20-year-old SDSU student Tariq Khamisa was shot and killed while delivering pizzas by a 14 year-old gang member, Tony Hicks. Tariq's father, Azim Khamisa understood that there were victims on both ends of the gun. As a result, he reached out in forgiveness to Tony's grandfather and guardian, Ples Felix. The two men became united in the face of personal tragedy. Azim & Ples have since dedicated their lives to breaking the epidemic of youth violence in our country. Together, they have spoken to thousands of schoolchildren about the pain and loss they have personally experienced because of violence, and the valuable lessons to be learned. TKF's core program the Violence Impact Forum (VIF) is a school-based, violence prevention education program. The Forum is a kid-friendly, in-school assembly program that includes a high-impact video with powerful speakers and lively student audience participation. The program focuses on the personal story of Tony and Tariq, by which students come to fully understand the personal devastation of violence and the lifelong consequences of one deadly choice by Tony and the critical importance of making peaceful choices.

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.tkf.org, E-mail: info@tkf.org
Phone: 858-565-0800 Fax: 858-565-0818
Executive Director, Lisa R. Grogan
7490 Opportunity Road, Suite 202, San Diego, CA 92111

TEACHING TOLERANCE/ SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER They offer a great magazine, free to educators which is full of practical examples of sowing the seeds of peace in our schools. They also have many other wonderful (free or low-cost!) publications and videos (e.g., "Responding to Hate at School," "10 Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide"). Their website offers a downloadable "101 Tools for Tolerance: Simple Ideas for Promoting Equity and Celebrating Diversity"

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: SPLCENTER.ORG, also www.teachingtolerance.org
SPLC main switchboard (334) 956-8200, Teaching Tolerance FAX: (334) 956-8484
Southern Poverty Law Center, 400 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama 36104

THEIR BULLET, MY LIFE Their goal is to educate youth about the effects of gun violence, gangs, drugs, and the choices they make. THEIR BULLET, MY LIFE provides the real life experiences of Cruz Carrasco ­ a survivor of gun and gang violence. Cruz was shot in the head and left quadriplegic and unable to speak. Not a gang member, nor the intended target, Cruz was once a promising football player, now dependent on a power wheelchair and voice out-put computer to communicate his powerful message. In addition, the topics of school shootings and violence, as well as solutions to conflicts and feelings of being an outsider will be discussed, during a question, answer and comment session. Cruz and THEIR BULLET, MY LIFE offers the benefits of Cruz’s experience with hope and determination. Program Format: THEIR BULLET, MY LIFE provides a realistic, multimedia and interactive hour-long experience for 6th through 12th graders and partners with Kids on the Block of San Diego to also offer a puppet show depicting gun and gang violence to bring the message to 3rd through 5th graders. PLEASE NOTE: available to travel out of the San Diego area if it is made financially possible for them to do so.

  CONTACT: PHONE (619) 429-4830, E-MAIL: Carrasco29@aol.com
Their Bullet, My Life, 1471 5th Street, Imperial Beach, CA 91932

TRUCE (Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children's Entertainment) From their website: "Dr. Diane Levin, a professor at Wheelock College, is a founding member of TRUCE, Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment. She and her colleagues write an annual guide for teachers and parents to help them in selecting toys that are educationally and developmentally appropriate for young children. She has posted the Toy Action Guide below [on the website]. TRUCE has also posted the revised guide, Media Violence and Children: A Call to Action-2000-2001. TRUCE encourages anyone who is interested to download, copy, and circulate both guides as broadly as possible."

  CONTACT: www.wheelock.edu/truce/truce.htm
PO Box 441261, West Somerville, MA 02144, E-MAIL: truceteachers@aol.com

VICTIM-OFFENDER RECONCILIATION PROGRAM From their Website: "Victim-Offender Mediation Programs (VOMP), also known as Victim-Offender Reconciliation Programs (VORP) bring offenders face-to-face with the victims of their crimes with the assistance of a trained mediator, usually a community volunteer. Crime is personalized as offenders learn the human consequences of their actions, and victims... have the opportunity to speak their minds and their feelings to the one who most ought to hear them, contributing to the healing process of the victim. Offenders take meaningful responsibility for their actions by mediating a restitution agreement with the victim, to restore the victims' losses, in whatever ways that may be possible. Restitution may be monetary or symbolic; it may consist of work for the victim, community service or anything else that creates a sense of justice between the victim and the offender. ...Perhaps most important, after facing the victims of their crimes, offenders commit fewer and less serious offenses than similar offenders who are processed by the traditional juvenile or criminal justice system." Pls. note: the San Diego VORP is now known as "Restorative Justice Mediation Program." To find the VORP/VOMP office closest to you...

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.vorp.com, E-MAIL: martyprice@vorp.com
PHONE: (360) 260-1551, FAX: (360) 260-1563
VORP Information and Resource Center, 19813 N.E. 13th Street, Camas, WA 98607

VIOLENCE IS NOT CHILD'S PLAY A project of Christian Peacemaker Teams (a joint effort of Quakers, Mennonites, and Brethren), this group offers a number of great resources which can be downloaded from their website. You can also request the full packet from the e-mail address. Examples of items offered: +Violence is Not Child's Play: 500 Churches for Change, +Toy Store Rating Sheet, +Step-by-Step guide to Store inspections, +Sing out against violent toys: How to organize a public witness at your local toy store, +Organizing Step by Step, +Sample Scenarios, +Sample Press Release, +Sample Songs, +Sample Leaflet, ARTICLES: +What's Wrong With Toys of Violence?, +Experts Say... , +War toys really hurt!, and +Questions and Answers About War Toys. The last article addresses the familiar arguments/issues, "I played with guns as a child and I grew up to be ok," "If kids don't have guns they'll use their fingers, sticks, bananas, etc. to make guns," and "How do I help my child deal with peer pressure to have war toys and watch violent cartoons?"

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.prairienet.org/cpt/play.php E-MAIL: cpt@igc.org
PHONE: (312) 455-1199, FAX: (312) 432-1213,
Box 6508, Chicago, IL 60680-6508
Project Coordinator: Kathy Railsback, E-MAIL: krails2000@cs.com

YOUTH PEACE A project of War Resisters League, their website offers a number of valuable resources, e.g., + 100 Ways You Can Help Stop Violence (categories include: Special Things Kids Can Do to Stop Violence, Ideas for Everybody Everyday, Longterm Projects and Goals, and Brain Food for Nonviolent Thought), plus the following articles: +Annual YouthPeace Week, + YouthPeace meets with toy manufacturers, + Stop the Violence in Children's Lives, + Killers in Your Toybox, + The Animal Connection.

  CONTACT: WEBSITE: www.warresisters.org/YP/wartoys.htm, E-MAIL: wrl@igc.apc.org
PHONE: 1-800-WRL-YOUTH, 212-228-0450, FAX: 212-228-6193
War Resisters League, 339 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012

About The Author

    Linda K. Williams has been an active member of the San Diego 1st Church of the Brethren since childhood and has been writing songs since 1981. Linda has written more than 100 songs, which inspire and uplift, encourage and empower, comfort and challenge. Lyrics sheets are included with all cassettes. All lyrics---including some in Spanish, and additional religious lyrics---are available at no cost via e-mail. Lead sheets for some songs are available at no cost via fax.
    For musical compositions, please see www.cob-net.org/music/williams.htm