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This is a lighthearted exercise that is intended to be a humorous way of getting you warmed up and energized for our more serious quizzes. Each of the answers to the following questions are mentioned in the Old or New Testament. Respond with an answer by clicking in a radio button, filling in a blank text box, or selecting from a pick-list (pull-down menu). Each question must have a response in order to receive the answers with a percentage score, and the results are given immediately upon clicking the Finish button. Incorrect answers will be accompanied with scriptural references. Fill in the Blank responses are converted internally to lowercase during processing to eliminate comparison mismatches due to case-sensitivity. In the case of True/False questions, should any part of the statement be false, the answer is false - no matter how true the rest of the statement may be. In the interest of standardization due to various translations, all words have been selected from the King James Version. Please contact the Web Administrator with your comments and suggestions.

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I will keep my Bible and similar type reference works CLOSED during this quiz in the interest of fairness, and because I really want to learn and improve my retention of biblical knowledge.
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1. Jesus was born in the city of

 Philadelphia       Toronto       Frankfurt       Madrid       Bethlehem

2. The parable about the fig tree concerns which of the following fruits
 Avocado       Olives       Walnuts       Grapefruit       Figs

3. John the Baptist ministered in this river
 Colorado     Danube     Mississippi     Rhine     Jordan

4. What significant event occurred at Mt. Sinai?
 Filming of the movie Lawrence of Arabia
 Signing of the Magna Carta
 Completion of the transcontinental railroad
 Launching of the first hot air balloon
 Receiving of the Ten Commandments

5. What happened to Lazarus in the village of Bethany
 Won the decathlon in the annual Kidron games
 Married the sister of Ben Hur
 Established the Gregorian calendar
 Successfully launched the first Judean ultralight
 Raised from the dead

6. Which of the following statements is true
 Saint Froggie fed and clothed the poor of Galilee
 Saint Froggie visited prisoners in Jericho
 Saint Froggie collected money for Ziklag disaster
 Saint Froggie opened a shelter in Bethshan
 Saint Froggie cleaned up after the flood in Ibzan
 None of the above

7. Which of these foods was eaten during biblical times
 Spam       Jello       Bologna       Ice Cream       Manna

8. Blood on the lintel and both side door posts signifies this event
 January shoppers in a department store
 Rush hour in a New York subway
 Labor policy meeting between union and management
 Super Bowl locker room of the losing team

9. Samson used this weapon to defeat the Philistines

10. The rich man of Luke 16 traveled to
 Porta Viarta       Monaco       Wall Street       Fort Knox       Hell

11. Rossini applied dynamic thermal conduction is a:
 Procedure to alleviate suffering through electric shock
 Method of reducing high temperatures in steel under load
 Way to avoid daytime radio interference
 Technique for electrically stabilizing neurological distensions
 Stupid question for a biblical quiz
Do you need a
helping hand

12. In the story of Cain and Abel, what was the name of Cain's brother
 Morgan       Winslow       Howard       Neville       Abel

13. What formula did Jesus suggest to obtain forgiveness?
 D = r t

 W = a (m(t- r))-b

 x = (x' sin(a-b) + y - cos(ƒ-w)) / sin A

 70 x 7

14. Lorczak's Sequence is a
 Method of extracting prime numbers
 Result of mixing algorithmic sets of null iterations
 Hexadecimal translation of Borwin's sequence without linear repetition
 Convergent process to isolate coprime numbers that decrease monotonically
 Another stupid question for a biblical quiz

15. Biblical region known for its healing qualities

16. Location where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount
 Stadium       Auditorium       Harbor       Desert       Mountain

17. This color represents sinlessness
 Golden Rod       Honeydew       Magenta       Turquoise       White

18. Object through which God spoke to Moses
 Semaphore     Drain Pipe     Walkie Talkie     Cell Phone     Burning Bush

19. What happened to Jesus in the village of Emmaus
 Preached against mob violence at a local soccer game
 Lectured on the economic impact of junk bonds
 Encouraged the use of safety locks on hand guns
 Helped clear debris from the aftermath of hurricane Gloriana
That went a whole
lot faster than
we thought

20. What will happened at the sound of the last trumpet
 Military personnel will go to sleep for the night
 Some horse races will begin
 A Pharisee did a good deed
 Music theme of ABC Wide World of Sports will almost be over
 Jesus will reappear

Press the Finished button to receive an immediate calculation of your score. Thank you for completing this biblical quiz, and may God richly bless your continued study of the Bible and service for the Kingdom of Christ. Special care has been excercised in the collecting of these many photographs and illustrations, to insure that private and intellectual property has been respected. Other than the public domain, all images have been taken from sources which permit free use of their content to non-commercial organizations or private individuals.