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Each of the answers to the following questions are mentioned in the Old or New Testament. Respond with an answer by clicking in a radio button, filling in a blank text box, or selecting from a pick-list (pull-down menu). Each question must have a response in order to receive the answers with a percentage score, and the results are given immediately upon clicking the Finish button. Incorrect answers will be accompanied with scriptural references. Fill in the Blank responses are converted internally to lowercase during processing to eliminate comparison mismatches due to case-sensitivity. In the case of True/False questions, should any part of the statement be false, the answer is false - no matter how true the rest of the statement may be. In the interest of standardization due to various translations, all words have been selected from the King James Version. Please contact the Web Administrator with your comments and suggestions.

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I promise to keep my Bible and similar reference works CLOSED during this quiz in the interest of fairness and because I really want to learn and improve my retention of biblical knowledge.
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1. She was a prophetess that expressed gratitude at the coming of Jesus
 Hannah       Mary       Deborah       Anna       Phoebe

2. This person walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus
 Mary       Cleopas       Peter       Nathaniel       Suzanna

3. He was swallowed by a giant sea creature
 Cain       Obadiah       Habbakuk       Jonah       Malachi

4. First prophet to speak from a raised pulpit

5. He recovered a lost ax head from a stream
 Elijah       Samuel       Elisha       Nathan       Eliezer

6. These two men were taken from earth without experiencing death
 Elijah and Esau
 Esau and Enoch
 Eliezer and Enoch
 Elijah and Eliezer
 None of the above
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7. Name of Roman official who sentenced Jesus to death
 Tiberius Caesar
 Soterius Festus
 Augustus Octavian
 Pontius Pilate
 Centurion at Golgotha

8. New Testament church official with four prophetic daughters
 Prochorus       Philip       Pheneas       Phanuel       Philemon

9. This person carried a cross for Jesus to the place of execution

10. David was the first king to establish a navy of ships
 True       False

11. Name the individual in this painting surrounding by lions

12. Name the king who put the man of Question 11 in that lion's den
 Tiberias       Belshazzar       Nebuchadnezzar       Darius       Herod

13. Who said: "I am escaped with the skin of my teeth"
 Job       Paul       Absalom       Peter       David

14. Two books are named after women - Ruth and

15. My father carried Jesus' cross to the place of execution
 Barabbas       Peter       Alexander       Tertius       Silas

16. Peter, , and John were a support group for Jesus

17. I was laid at the gate of a rich man
 Abraham       Dives       Silas       Lazarus       Prodigal Son

18. This man picked up a snake by the tail

19. Samson was a prankster who...
 Filled up neighborhood wells with stones
 Cut down the favorite shade tree of a king
 Hid money belonging to an evil merchant
 Attached firebrands to the tails of foxes
 Beat up several town officials
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20. This physician often traveled on missionary journeys with Apostle Paul

Press the Finished button to receive an immediate calculation of your score. Thank you for completing this biblical quiz, and may God richly bless your continued study of the Bible and service for the Kingdom of Christ. Special care has been excercised in the collecting of these many photographs and illustrations, to insure that private and intellectual property has been respected. Other than the public domain, all images have been taken from sources which permit free use of their content to non-commercial organizations or private individuals.