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Out of the Anabaptist movement of 16th Century Europe and the later fervency of 17th Century Pietism, our founder Alexander Mack organized a small group of believers. In the autumn of 1708 they baptized each other in the Eder River near the village of Schwarzenau, Germany. This group originally used no label for themselves but outsiders began referring to them as the Schwarzenau Täufer (Baptists) or Neue Täufer (New Baptists) to distinguish them from older Anabaptists bodies such as the Mennonites and Amish or the Swiss Brethren.

They later immigrated to America and throughout the New World using the label German Baptist Brethren so as to distinguish themselves from English Baptist groups. After 19th Century schisms, the largest remaining body dropped the words German and Baptist in 1908, to become known as the Church of the Brethren. Discover more about all the many Brethren Groups that include the word Brethren in their denominational label.

Your kind support of this volunteer ministry is very much appreciated. Many people have no idea of the time, effort, research, and proofing that is necessary to maintain a denominational web site of this nature.


We are a membership driven, unofficial web site of the Church of the Brethren, a Protestant denomination with churches in most of the United States and a few other countries. COB-NET is the first denominational Brethren web site.

We responded to a trickle of online members back in the middle 1990's when most churches were unaware of the Internet, only a few Brethren had discovered newsgroups, and there was no official Brethren denominational web site.

Thanks for stopping by and please come again whenever it is convenient. Founder and web administrator Ron Gordon is a member of the Bunkertown Church of the Brethren in the Southern District of Pennsylvania. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with your questions.


What began as a one page collection of Other Links eventually grew into nice separate web pages of Brethren Affiliated, Education, Maturity, Children, Music, Society, Government, Computer, and Information.


We combined Highway Signs and correlating scriptures to make spiritual applications of actual life settings.


Learn about Brethren Terminology and how all things Brethren connect through heritage, events, agencies, websites, structure, polity, and theology.


Games & Quizzes offers some fun as well as teaching many things about the Bible. There are puzzles, word searches, checkers, and memory tests.


There's at least one Church Camp in most of our twenty-four districts with facilities and staff to offer your child or young adult a summer full of memories.


The Plan of Redemption presents God's work of grace in the ministry of Jesus Christ who died to save us from our sins and provide eternal blessings. Learn more about this plan from the list of numerous scriptures.


The Pocket Gospel is a very quick way to learn about salvation, redemption, justification, and God's unmerited grace through the atonement of Jesus Christ.


Discover recipes in our Cook Book submitted by Brethren chefs and homemakers from across the denomination. Why not contribute some of your own?.


Understand the Bible through Comparing Translations under the disciplines of textual criticism, manuscript evidence, Greek Texts, and a Bibliography.


Investigate possibilities in a Brethren College, university, seminary, or extended learning offering. Also utilize our College Reference lists of websites.


Send a Brethren Greeting Card for that very special person on their special occasion. We are the first to offer eCards with a Brethren touch.


Our Web Directory is the largest of its kind, the most comprehensive, and up to date listing of all known Brethren websites. To add or update your site, please Contact Us


A District Map presents each of our twenty-four Brethren districts. Click on any district to find a local congregation.


Learn about the Council of District Executives and their purpose, mission, and vision for the denomination.


Preview the Brethren Encyclopedia and learn of the vast amount of information it contains, such as histories, maps, charts, illustrations, photos, with index.


Games & Quizzes offers some fun as well as teaching many things about the Bible. There are puzzles, word searches, checkers, and memory tests.


You will find Brethren Genealogy & History resources about churches, baptisms, cemeteries, societies such as the Fellowship Brethren Genealogists.


Spend quiet time with our Inspirational short stories, biblical thoughts, humorous & witty sayings, bulletin bloopers, and especially our Highway Signs.


Our Annual Conference is the highest legislative body in the Church of the Brethren and composed of term delegates from each congregation and district.

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This list of Communities, Homes, Independent and Assisted Living facilities have a special relationship with the Church of the Brethren through the Fellowship of Brethren Homes. Most facilities are now open to the general public with a commitment to minister to the spiritual, intellectual and emotional needs of their residents, as well as their physical needs.

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Learn to be Brethren

The following list is a quick way to learn most of what it means to be Brethren. You'll start by learning the religious and political climate of our birthplace in Europe during the 16th-18th centuries, and finish with a general scheme of Brethrenism in the modern era.

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